Imagine — you work on your data in your desktop GIS, and magically, your web maps just.. update. Why work harder when you can work smarter?

AVAILABLE ON: Enterprise and Agency.

Data Sync lets you do complex work on datasets in your desktop GIS or spreadsheet application, and have changes updated on your webmaps, without even logging into Mango.

To configure Data Sync:

  1. Open the dataset you want to sync.
  2. Click on DATA SYNC on your administration sidebar.
  3. Click on the Dropbox icon and authorize the Mango Data Sync application to access your Dropbox files¹.
  4. Select the type of spatial data you wish to sync. Shapefile, CSV, and MapInfo Tab are supported at this time.
  5. Select all files that make up the dataset and Save.

Mango listens to Dropbox for changes to your dataset, and automatically pulls the updated files, processes the changes, and hey presto, all maps using that dataset will be updated.

You can monitor the status of each synced dataset by opening the Data Sync panel from your Data portal.

Queuing and concurrency

Data Sync will only process an update when no changes to a dataset are detected within 30 minutes from the last update.

This is to avoid concurrency and versioning issues with multi-file datasets. If your dataset is being updating at a higher frequency, only update the version stored in your Dropbox every 45-60 minutes to ensure your dataset passes the Sync queue.

Important considerations

  • The sync is uni-directional
    The datasync is one direction: Dropbox > Mango, so if you make changes to the dataset in Mango, they will be overwritten by the sync.
  • Maintain existing columns
    Like all re-uploads, the synced file cannot have column names that have changed name, or columns that have been removed. New columns are OK.
  • Frequency
    The sync needs at least 30 minutes when the file is not updated to process the re-upload. If changes are being made to the file more frequently that <30 minutes, our queuing system will not complete and the reupload will not occur.
  • Overwrite, don’t delete and replace.
    If you back-up the dataset, or update the data, do not delete or move the old dataset and create a new version. You must overwrite the existing files in the Dropbox for Mango to be able to import them. This is because when new files are created in Dropbox they are assigned new unique file ID’s. As Mango is only authorised to access the specific file ID’s granted when the sync is configured, the newly created file ID’s are not recognised and will not be synced.

Sync Errors

Common errors

The most common sync errors are due to the dataset being deleted from Dropbox, or moved to another folder within Dropbox. If you’ve received a sync error notification, first check the dataset is still located in your Dropbox in it’s original sync location.

Renamed columns

Mango will not process updates where the new version of a dataset contains columns that have been renamed, or removed.

Before attempting to re-sync, please manually re-upload your dataset and ensure your dataset contains all original columns.

Updated versions of your dataset CAN contain additional columns that were not in the existing version in Mango.

Supported Browsers

Dropbox supports the two most recent versions of the following web browsers:

Data Sync may not be fully supported on older versions of these browsers, or on browsers not listed above. If you experience issues authenticating Dropbox with Mango Data Sync, please ensure you are using a supported browser.

Data Sync is not supported on Dropbox Business accounts. Contact support to be kept up to date on when Dropbox Business support becomes available.

¹ Mango’s Data Sync tool has no access to view or read any files other than those you specifically select with the Dropbox chooser

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