Mango supports compliant raster images with geo-referenced data embedded in the .tif. Mango does not support the .tfw format.


  • GeoTIFF files must be compressed to a .zip archive before uploading to Mango. .rar compression is not supported at this time.
  • The raster must be smaller than 2 GB when uncompressed.
  • The zipped raster file cannot be larger than 1 GB.
  • If your raster is larger than 2 GB uncompressed or 1 GB compressed, the file must be split and uploaded as separate parts.

If your GeoTIFF file has compression applied (e.g. Packbits, LZW, or Deflate), it will be larger when it is uncompressed by our server. In this case, you will need to first be split into smaller sections, and each section uploaded individually.
h4. Black & White Pixels

When you upload your raster, Mango will automatically make black (0,0,0) pixels transparent, which usually represent No Data.

If your data has white (255,255,255) pixels that you wish to make transparent, please convert these to black pixels using a desktop GIS before uploading to Mango.

My GeoTIFF’s colors don’t look right after upload

For images that contain original measurements such as elevation models and unenhanced satellite imagery, default styling and contrast stretching will be applied by Mango. In the case of single band imagery, this will be a black to white color ramp. If you wish to control the colors and contrast, you will need to prepare your image in a Desktop GIS prior to upload.

  • ArcGIS™
    1. In layer properties → Symbology, set the colors and contrast stretch as you would like them to appear.
    2. Right click the layer and choose Data → Export data and set the options as shown in the example below.

  • QGIS
    1. Set the colors and contrast stretch as you would like them to appear.
    2. Right click the layer and choose “Save as..”

Set the options as shown in the example below.

Common GeoTIFF Upload Errors

Your GeoTIFF may fail to upload if:

Your Image has four bands

If your raster has four bands, you will need to create an image with only three bands.

  • ArcGIS™

Exporting the raster and choosing Use Renderer and Force RGB will create a three band Image (see instructions above)

  • QGIS
  1. Run OSGeo4W Shell
  2. Navigate to the directory where your data is
  3. Type the command:
    gdal_translate -b 1 -b 2 -b 3 input.tif output.tif
  4. Zip and upload the new TIF file to Mango

You do not have a coordinate system defined

  • ArcGIS™
    Check to see if a coordinate system is defined:

To set the coordinate system use the “Define Projection” tool

  • QGIS
    You will be asked to set the coordinate system (CRS) when you add the raster to the project. To apply the CRS to the image permanently, right click on the layer and choose Save As.

The .zip file contains a folder

The upload will fail if the .tif is inside a folder in the zip. Ensure no folders exist in the zip archive before uploading.

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