The General tab allows you to set a display name and description in the Legend, configure the “scale range that the layer be visible, or “hiding the layer from the Legend completely.

Layer Name

Every layer of your map should have a name and a description, and this will help users discover your maps, and understand your layers.

The layer name helps users understand what the layer is about.

If you are using multiple datasets in each layer, its important to give the layer a name that ties the datasets together and provides a clear, coherent meaning to the data.

Layer Description

The description provides users a longer, more precise description of the layer, and also serves to help index and rank your map in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

If your map is public and you want people to find it, think of what users might search for when looking for a map like yours. Think of the description like SEO for your map. For more information about getting your map to the top of Google searches, check out this blog post on SEO for maps.

If your map is Hidden, Password protected, or Internal, search engines won’t index your map, so your map won’t appear in search results. However, layer descriptions may still be useful to users of your maps.

Scale Range

It’s not often necessary to show all layers at all scales, so Mango allows you to decide which scale range you would like your layer to be visible.

You can modify the scale range in which the layer will be visible by changing the scale range settings in the “General” tab of your layer.

Hide a layer from the legend

Sometimes you want have a layer that is always visible on the map. In this case, you can hide layers from the legend by placing the layer in it’s own Layer Group and setting the layer display to OFF.

The layer will render on your map like normal, in the order you have set in your Layer Groups, and will be always visible to map viewers.

  1. Open the Layer settings panel and edit the layer you want to hide.
  2. Open the General tab, and switch the toggle to OFF
  3. Press SAVE

To update your layer name, description, scale range, or to hide a layer from the legend, open the LAYERS panel from your administration sidebar, and then clicking the pencil icon on the layer you wish to edit, and selecte the General tab.

Inbound feature linking

You can configure inbound feature links to open a map with a specific feature highlighted using the link API at the bottom of the General panel. For configuration, please read the chapter Feature PermaLinks.

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