Mango doesn’t automatically allow each individual layer on the map be turned on and off as you would in a desktop GIS program. This is to aid first load performance so your map users don’t have to wait for dozens of layers to load before they can interact with the map application.

If you have a layer or a group of layers that you would like the end user to be able to turn on or off you will need to put them in a Layer Group.

A layer group consists on one or more layers and can be created by pressing the Add Layer Group buttons in the Layer Settings panel.

If you want a Layer Group to load when a user first loads the map, check the box labeled “Layer group visible on map load”. If this box is not checked, then the Layer Group will be disabled in the legend. Users can turn each Layer Group on and off by checking the boxes in the Legend.

Once you’ve created a layer group you can drag and drop layers into your new group, you can also reorder the Legend order of your Group Layers by grabbing the handle and dragging and dropping the Group to your preferred order.

If all layers in a Layer Group are set to hidden from the legend, the Layer Group will also be hidden from the legend.

Best Practices

  • Put groups that are on by default at the bottom of the legend and layer groups that are off by default at the top.
    That way when a user turns on another layer group the new group will be drawn on top rather than hidden under an already active layer.
  • Only add more Layer Groups if it’s necessary
    Each group layer that is turned on by default will roughly double the load time of your map (as image tiles must be loaded for that group).
  • Only set Layer Groups to load by default for essential layers
    Layer groups that are turned off by default have a negligible impact on the initial load time of your maps.

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