The Proximity Analysis tool lets you build powerful spatial queries to determine the relationship between selected points or features and neighboring points or features.


To activate Proximity Analysis for your web map, open your toolbox and activate the tool.

Tool Name Give your tool a custom name that is specific to the use case of your map.

Description Give a custom description that gives the end user an explanation of the tool or brief instructions.

Measurement Units Set the units in the search.

Highlight Color The color of the highlight that will be applied to selected features and features in the results.

Queriable Layers Choose which layers will be used for the analysis. For each layer you enable, you can set the limitations or scope of the search on that layer. Open the Layer Settings to configure each layer.

Layer Query Settings

Layer Name indicates how the layer will be named in the tool. It’s best to use brief, descriptive names so that it is clear to users what data they are querying.

Filter Options To ensure a targeted search, you can filter and enable only relevant fields to be available to the search user for each layer.

Enable Filter by data fields, and select the fields you wish to be queriable. Unselected fields will not appear in the search filters, nor be shown in the search report.

Any attributes checked in the “Attributes in Filter” dropdown will be displayed as filter options to the end user for the selection or results set.

Results Options

The results output of the search allows you to tailor the results to the user’s needs. You can allow users to view results as a table, view a pre-configured report using the report builder, or download results in a spatial file.

Report Builder

The Report Builder allows you to configure meaningful summarized results that provide instant insights for users.

Custom Widget

Configure your own custom report using result, and custom equations with javascript syntax. For details on creating a custom report, please read this article.

Aggregate Table

Returns a table of values for the selected field.

Value By Category

Set a category values and type, and the report returns a table of values for that category type.

See the Proximity Analysis tool in action

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