Mango offers multiple search types for users to find the answers they need.

Address, Data, and Coordinate search use the same search field in your map’s action bar.

Configuration is done via the Search panel in your Toolbox.

You can enable or disable any search type, and configure each search type’s options. If more than one search type is enabled, the search set as Default will appear when the user clicks on the search bar. To set the Default search type, click on the Set as default search button.

Address Search Data Search Coordinate Search

Address Search

Mango uses the here™ Places API, allowing users to find individual locations. Coverage includes:

  • over 200 countries
  • over 1.5 million different areas (cities, districts, regions)
  • over 25 million streets split into 90 million and more individual segments

In an increasing number of countries, the Places API provides detailed, building-specific location data – currently over 200 million point addresses.

Address Search is enabled by default for all maps.

To disable address search, open the TOOLBOX from your administration sidebar, click on the Search icon, open the Settings and flip the toggle to OFF.

You can also configure whether the popup will appear if an address search result lands on a feature:

See the Address Search tool in action →

Data Search, also known as Attribute Search, allows users of your maps to search by the attributes contained within your datasets.

Any matching text that exists in your dataset is returned and users can select from any feature containing that text.

The search function uses attribute tables of all layers that are enabled for Data Search, and will return results ordered by the quality of the match to the search term.

To enable Data Search, open the Toolbox from your administration sidebar, and click on the Search icon, and open the Settings Panel then flip the Data Search toggle to ON. A section showing all layers will appear. From this screen, check all the layers you wish to be activated for Data Search.

Once enabled, the data search is available to users of your map via the map search bar. Users of your map will be able to search the attribute table by simply typing their search query in the search bar at the top. If you have Address or Coordinate search activated, results will be returned separately. Click the respective search type below the search box to change the search type.

See the Attribute Search tool in action →

Coordinate Search

Coordinate search allows users to enter specific coordinates on the map.

To activate Coordinate Search, open the Toolbox from your administration sidebar, and click on the Search icon, and open the Settings Panel then flip the Coordinate toggle to ON.

Web Mercator, which is the projection Mango displays is bound by the following:

  • Latitude: -85 to +85
  • Longitude: -180 to +180

Any search outside these bounds may result in an error.

Accuracy of coordinate searches

Decimal places Degrees Distance - Metric Distance - Imperial
0 1 111 km 62 miles
1 0.1 11.1 km 6.2 miles
2 0.01 1.11 km 0.62 miles
3 0.001 111 m About 328 feet
4 0.0001 11.1 m About 33 feet
5 0.00001 1.11 m About 3 feet
6 0.000001 11.1 cm About 4 inches
7 0.0000001 1.11 cm About ½ an inch
8 0.00000001 1.11 mm The width of paperclip wire.
9 0.000000001 111 μm The width of a strand of hair.
10 0.0000000001 11.1 μm A speck of pollen.
11 0.00000000001 1.11 μm A piece of cigarette smoke.
12 0.000000000001 111 nm You’re doing virus-level mapping at this point.
13 0.0000000000001 11.1 nm Does it matter how big this is?
14 0.00000000000001 1.11 nm Your fingernail grows about this far in one second.
15 0.000000000000001 0.11 nm An atom. An atom! What are you mapping?

(h/t to Blackkara)

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