Address Search

Webmaps are often composed of thousands and thousands of data points, so finding the right data can be overwhelming. The Address Search tool allow users to enter an address anywhere in the world, and instantly jump to that point. Where an address has a dataset overlay, that data’s attribute window will appear automatically.

Attribute Search

If a user knows what data they are looking for – say their own name in a land parcel map – the Attribute Search tool offers the same rapid functionality as the address search. The user can find the data relevant to them and instantly arrive at the location of that data on the map.

Coordinate Search

Often users will have latitude and longitude of features they need to analyze. Enable the coordinate search tool to give them a lat/lon search input field.

Custom Search

Highly targeted maps provide the best user experience for map users. If your map has a specific purpose you can enable the Custom Search tool. This tool can be configured to show a custom AND / OR search panel with a set of selected searchable data attributes.

Proximity Analysis

Exploring the spatial relationship between features in the same or different datasets is possible with the Proximity Analysis tool. Configured by a step-by-step wizard, the Proximity Analysis tool allows users to rapidly answer spatial questions such as:

  • how many households are within 5 miles from a hospital?
  • do any highways fall within 500m of a stream?
  • how many property lots fall within a selected zoning area?

The proximity tool allows Administrators to customize results in a report using variables from the results table, and also choose how the results can be viewed and downloaded.

Query Tool

The Query Tool allows users to rapidly dive into your data with rule based queries to discover features of interest contained within your map. Features that match the query will be highlighted on the map, and users are able to view results as a table, download a spatial file of results, or view an on-screen report based on pre-configured reporting widgets.

Custom reports

Creating a Custom Report for your Proximity Search or Query Tool is a feature that enables your map users extract information and insights that may not be obvious in your raw attribute data.

Viewed through this reporting lens, data from features can provide critical insight: of a given set of features that meet a criteria of a query or spatial search,

  • what is the unemployment rate in a selected administrative boundary?
  • what is the median sale price of apartments?
  • what proportion of the female population are blind?

By creating equations using attribute values and simple arithmetic, these answers can be explored by your map users. As the map administrator, you can build these reports into your map for laser targeted use.

The custom report builder is found at the final step of both the Query Tool and the Spatial Analysis wizards in your toolbox.

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