The short explanation:

All spatial data contains coordinates that specify where features should be drawn on the earth’s surface. For historical and technical reasons, there are numerous coordinate systems used to define these coordinates. In order to overlay your data with basemap data in Mango, we transform your data to a common coordinate system when you upload it.

In most cases, the transformation will work ok, but in a minority of cases, the transformation from your coordinate system to our standard one may not be supported. You may not receive and error message, but this may manifest itself as an offset between your data and the base data.

In these rare cases, the solution is that you need to convert your data to a standard coordinate system (e.g. WGS84\Lat Long) using a desktop GIS.

The long explanation:

When you upload data to Mango, a projection file (.prj) in Well Known Text (WKT) format is required. When reading the data, Mango will automatically detects the coordinate system of your data and converts it to the coordinate system used by Mango. We use the Spherical Mercator Coordinate (EPSG:3857) system to allow integration with other web map services such as Open Street Maps. (Note: Spherical Mercator’s EPSG code is 3857, but the unofficial code 900913 (google, get it?) is also used widely by Google and others).

During the upload process, Mango will automatically perform a coordinate system transformation, based on OSGEO’s PROJ.4 library. Our ability to perform a datum transformation will depend on whether the PROJ.4 library has a datum transformation defined, in particular the TOWGS84 parameter (as in the example below) or NADGRIDS parameter.

PROJCS["GGRS87 / Greek Grid",
      SPHEROID["GRS 1980",6378137,298.257222101,

You can find out if your datum is supported by searching and looking for the TOWGS84 and NADGRIDS entries.

If it is not found, you will have to convert your data to a WGS84 based coordinate system using desktop GIS software before uploading to Mango.

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