• How to create a new map
    Creating a new map is simple! From your map portal, simply hover over the Create Map button   Or, click on Create New Map from your admin sidebar.   When you create a new map, you'll be taken straight to the map editor, where you can start adding layers.   Continue reading 🡒
  • How to duplicate a map
    Need to duplicate a map, including all layers and settings? Here's how: Navigate to your map portal Hover your mouse over the map you want to duplicate to reveal the available actions. Click Copy Depending on the complexity of the map, this may take a fe... Continue reading 🡒
  • How to delete a map
    Navigate to your map portal Hover over the map you want to delete to reveal the available actions Click Delete Click Yes to confirm deletion     Deleting a map does not delete any datasets used in the map.A deleted map cannot be recovered.    Continue reading 🡒