• Automate map updates from a Fulcrum Data Shares URL
    Fulcrum is an industry-leading data collection tool used by Mango customers to collect data in the field. Using our Data Sync tool and Zapier, you can implement an automated workflow that will ingest and update point data captured in Fulcrum at set interval... Continue reading 🡒
  • Crowd sourcing data with Mango
    Engaging communities, deploying resources with more precision, or simply acquiring high value data at a very low cost - crowd sourcing data has powerful benefits across any industry. In this tutorial we'll show you how to use Mango to source data from your ... Continue reading 🡒
  • How to: Convert DXF annotation to line labels, using ArcGIS Desktop
    Open ArcMap Set the coordinate system of the data frame  (eg. GDA94/UTM 55) Add the DXF to ArcMap Create a new File Geodatabase Right click the new GDB and create a new Feature Dataset, setting the coordinate system of the feature dataset to the CRS set at... Continue reading 🡒
  • Want to make a map, but don't have map data? Solution here...
      How to find and prepare map data When you decide to dive into web mapping, it’s unlikely you have map-ready data. Here's how to source, prepare, and merge map data it with your business data. Continue reading   How to Map Spreadsheet Addresses for Powerf... Continue reading 🡒
  • Creating map data from scratch
    Don’t have data in a map ready format? No problem! This short guide will show you how to prepare your data and create an interactive web map. Note: This guide is intended to show you how to create a layer of points/push pins on a map. If you have a large l... Continue reading 🡒
  • Adding Data to a Boundary File
    Have a boundary file, but need to add your own data? Here's how to add your own fields to an existing dataset, ready to be mapped in Mango. Areas such as zip codes, voting precincts or counties have boundaries that are often available in a digital format su... Continue reading 🡒
  • How can I find or prepare map data?
    Preparing map-ready data doesn’t have to be rocket science! These tutorials will help you source, prepare, and deploy amazing interactive web maps. Common GIS tasks to help you make better maps Geocoding a spreadsheet of addresses (quickstart video) Create... Continue reading 🡒