• Map Access
    Mango offers five types of map access security to suit your needs.   Whether your map contains sensitive business information, private customer details, or anything else you’d rather keep away from public view, we offer 5 types of map access to suit your n... Continue reading 🡒
  • Data Access
    Data Access settings give you complete control over who can view, edit, update, re-upload, or download your datasets. Datasets uploaded to Mango are private by default, and not accessible to any third party unless you make them accessible. By default, all d... Continue reading 🡒
  • Allowing users to download datasets
    External users While visualizations made from a dataset might be available to end users in public maps, Mango’s Private access control for datasets ensures that the underlying spatial files of Private datasets are not accessible to the public. All data uplo... Continue reading 🡒