• Using a Custom Domain
    A custom domain name allows Mango to seamlessly integrate with your brand or website. Available on: Business, Enterprise and Agency When you need your maps to display under your own web address, you can configure Mango to use your domain name to display y... Continue reading 🡒
  • Translating the map interface
    Translate the interface into your language, or customise the English words in the map interface to suit your organisation's technical vocabulary. Available on: Business, Enterprise and Agency To activate translations, open the Branding panel from your Adm... Continue reading 🡒
  • White Label
    Disable all Mango branding for a seamless experience Available on: Enterprise and Agency Customers on our Enterprise and Agency plans are able to 'white label' Mango, meaning no Mango branding is displayed on the end-user interface, including maps, the po... Continue reading 🡒