• The Layers panel
    Layers Editing layers is performed in the Layer Settings panel, accessible by opening the Layers panel from your administration sidebar, and then clicking the pencil icon on the layer you wish to edit.   Basemap To set the default basemap.   Legend type T... Continue reading 🡒
  • Adding a Layer to a map
    Datasets can be used any number of times in any visualization style, on any number of maps. Layers are the visualizations of your datasets. Datasets can be used any number of times in any visualization style, on any number of maps. Each time you create a la... Continue reading 🡒
  • Editing layer title, description, and scale range visibility
    The General tab allows you to set a display name and description in the Legend, configure the “scale range that the layer be visible, or “hiding the layer from the Legend completely. Layer Name Every layer of your map should have a name and a description, ... Continue reading 🡒
  • Layer Groups
    Maps on Mango are composed of stacked layers of image tiles- one for each layer group. To aid first-load performance, Mango doesn’t automatically create each individual layer as an image tile layer on the map. Instead, Mango introduces the concept of Layer ... Continue reading 🡒
  • Layer Group visibility
    To minimise map load times, you can set layer groups to not display on map load. The user can enable layers from the map legend. This feature is particularly useful if you have many layers and want to control what map users see first – the essential data – ... Continue reading 🡒
  • Deleting a Layer
    To remove a layer from your map, navigate to the LAYERS panel, and simply click the trash bin icon on the layer you wish to remove. Removing a layer from your map does not delete it’s dataset from your account. For instructions on permanently deleting data... Continue reading 🡒
  • Linking to features with Feature permalinks
    Mango provides simple URL parameters to allow linking directly to a feature Particularly useful for users who want to create links between external websites or databases that will open a specific map with a specific feature from a layer highlighted. If popu... Continue reading 🡒