• Sharing your map URL
    The direct, public link for maps is simply the address in your web browser. When signed in, you see your administration features on the left of the map. This is not visible to anonymous viewers of your map. If your map is password protected, users will see... Continue reading 🡒
  • Switching a map online
    Before sharing your map with the public, it needs to be switched 'on'. Here's how. When you create a new map, it will be "offline" by default. Offline simply means that no one outside the account can access the map. Once you have uploaded your data, styled ... Continue reading 🡒
  • Social Sharing Panel
    The Social Sharing panel is an administrator only feature. End users of your map can share features or places using the new Share & Bookmark tools. See this chapter for details. Short URL and Social sharing Map URLs are often long and complex. If you want ... Continue reading 🡒