• Linking to specific coordinate locations
    Β  By providing coordinates, it's possible to create a link that will open a map at a specific zoom and location, regardless of the default load position. Use the following hash URL parameters: #zoom={zoom}&lat={latitude}&lng={longitude}&permalink=true zoom... Continue reading πŸ‘’
  • Switching a map online
    Before sharing your map with the public, it needs to be switched 'on'. Here's how. When you create a new map, it will be "offline" by default. Offline simply means that no one outside of your account can access the map. Once you have added layers, set your ... Continue reading πŸ‘’
  • Sharing your map URL
    The direct, public link for maps is simply the address in your web browser. When signed in, you see your administration features on the left of the map. This is not visible to anonymous viewers of your map. If your map is password protected, users will see... Continue reading πŸ‘’
  • Social Sharing Panel
    The Social Sharing panel is an administrator only feature. End users of your map can share features or places using the new Share & Bookmark tools. Short URL and Social sharing Map URLs are often long and complex. If you want to share a short URL, open the... Continue reading πŸ‘’
  • Linking to features with Feature permalinks
    Mango provides simple URL parameters to allow linking directly to a feature Particularly useful for users who want to create links between external websites or databases that will open a specific map with a specific feature from a layer highlighted. If popu... Continue reading πŸ‘’
  • Embedding maps into a website
    Map embedding allows you to embed a map in your website or blog. To access the embed code, open the map editor and click on the SHARE MAP panel on your administration sidebar to get the iframe embed code for your map. Embed types Inline Embed An inline embe... Continue reading πŸ‘’
  • Loading embedded maps with a feature permalink
    This component allows users to dynamically update the content of an embedded map iframe based on selections made from a dropdown menu using a Feature Permalink. It is particularly useful for applications requiring geographic data visualization where the use... Continue reading πŸ‘’