• Prioritize address search results within the extent of the map
    Address search results will always show the closest results first. For some queries, it may also return results from another country or region. To restrict far away places being returned in address search results, you can restrict results to the current map... Continue reading πŸ‘’
  • Query Tool
    The Query Tool allows users to rapidly dive into your data with rule based queries to discover features of interest contained within your map. Features that match the query will be highlighted on the map, and users are able to view results as a table, downl... Continue reading πŸ‘’
  • Proximity Analysis
    Uncover connections between features. The Proximity Analysis tool empowers you to delve into the spatial relationships between features within your Mangomap datasets. Ask key questions, get quick answers. Imagine easily finding out: How many homes are with... Continue reading πŸ‘’
  • Search
    Overview Types of Searches How to Configure Search Settings Accuracy of coordinate searches Overview Unlock your map's potential with Mango's versatile search features. Whether you're looking for an address, specific data, or coordinates, we've got you c... Continue reading πŸ‘’
  • Custom Search
    The Custom Search tool allows you to build targeted queries for attributes in a layer. Highly targeted maps provide the best user experience for map users. If your map has a specific purpose you can enable the Custom Search tool. This tool can be configured... Continue reading πŸ‘’
  • How to limit searchable fields in data search
    Sometimes, less is more. Limit the fields that are searchable in your data search to make it easier for users to find what they're looking for. This guide shows you how to customize which fields are searchable. Β  Step-by-Step Guide Navigate to Layer: Choos... Continue reading πŸ‘’
  • Custom reports for Query and Proximity
    A customisable lens for delivering additional insight to your user's data queries and spatial proximity analysis. Creating a custom report for your Proximity Analysis search or Query lets your map users extract information and insights that may not be avail... Continue reading πŸ‘’