• We need to add new users to our team. How will that be billed?
    We’ll make a one-time prorated charge to your preferred payment method to cover your new team member(s) for the remainder of the current billing period. Starting with the next billing period, they'll be counted towards your total bill like every other membe... Continue reading 🡒
  • Users & Groups Overview
    Available on: Enterprise and Agency Users and Groups offers powerful map and data management with fine-grained access controls – you have complete control over who can view or modify your maps, and who can view, edit, reupload, and download your datasets... Continue reading 🡒
  • User roles and capabilities
    Mango offers three add-on roles in addition to the account Administrator Administrators Data Editors Private Viewers Each role determines a user's ability to perform tasks in Mango.   Account Owner The Account Owner can: complete control over the account... Continue reading 🡒
  • Purchasing premium add-on users
    Available on Enterprise and Agency plans. Administrators and Data Editors are premium add-ons. To invite users in these roles, first upgrade your add-on user quotas. Private Viewers are free - create as many as you need, whenever you need. You can use Priv... Continue reading 🡒
  • Inviting and managing users
    Available on: Enterprise and Agency Only the account holder can invite and manage users and groups.   To invite new users to your account, click on Users & Groups on your administration sidebar to open the Users & Groups panel. Click INVITE YOUR TEAM or ... Continue reading 🡒
  • Creating Groups
    Segment add-on Users into groups that can be assigned permissions to view and modify maps, and view and edit data. Adding Groups To create a new group, open the Users & Groups panel from your administration sidebar. Click on the Groups tab, then click the g... Continue reading 🡒